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ta'mey Dun! bommey Dun! (Great Deeds! Great Songs!)

Klingon Pop Warrior

The 3rd EP. Recorded amidst a global pandemic in home studios across the US, this collaborative effort includes 2 song translations chosen by fans and donors to my annual Extra Life charity event. It is truly the embodiment of its name - great deeds, great songs!
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bommey qu' (Fierce Songs)

Klingon Pop Warrior

The sophomore EP from the Klingon Pop Warrior! This album stays true to the original acoustic warrior vision of the first while kicking everything into a rockin' gear.
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Warrior Woman

Klingon Pop Warrior

The first EP ever of pop songs entirely in the Klingon language! Features the official 47th translation of "Let It Go" in the Disney Archives!
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