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The Klingon Pop Warrior is traveling the quadrant to bring you songs you thought you knew in the original Klingon. From pop to rock and everything in between!

Buy the EP's Bandcamp & more!

Buy the EP's Bandcamp & more!

Klingon Rumpus - Timmins, ON - April 2018

Klingon Rumpus - Timmins, ON - April 2018

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Thank you to everyone at r/startrek who upvoted yIbuSQo'! It has been a real weird few days. Welcome to all the new folks finding me for the first time!

Starbase Indy: Nov 29-Dec 1 - Indianapolis, IN
I'm a guest at SBI this year! Come have dinner with me at Dinner With The Stars, see me sing and do a panel on Klingon pronunciation to start you on your way to learning the language!

My Extra Life 2019 Livestream was a HUGE success! THANK YOU to all who tuned in, donated, and helped me break Pop Warrior charity records!! Check out this concert highlight of a BRAND NEW SONG!

For the 2nd year in a row, I was a winner of the Gorn Gong Show on the Star Trek Cruise! Check out the video I edited from multiple cruise-goers footage!

HIchop has over 200K views!
Thanks for continuing to like & share the song that started it all!
Official YouTube Video
HIchop! was recorded for Improvised Star Trek Episode 59. If you love Trek, you must check them out!!!